Welcome and What To Expect

What To Expect
• MBA’s Philosophy is understanding the Why and Purpose behind each individual course a student will be taught.
• The Lessons will be straight to the point, with one or two good things to know.
• Why was the course created?

  • Simple. To give you a simple guide before taking the actual courses.
  • To Remember the key points of your MBA in one course.

Below is Course Outline for all lessons.

The Basics
This section will teach you simple concepts all programs will teach a student.
Key Points listed here are the design of most syllabus from your university of choice

The Why
This is a simple explanation of why MBA programs are studying the current topic.

The Purpose

Understanding the ‘Why’

Main and Good Takeaways are general knowledge of good things anyone should know for your current job situation.

Our Experience
• Personally hear our course experience & lessons